High-Precision Gloss Meter Self-Calibration

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As a professional instrument, stability and consistency are important performances. After all, measurement accuracy is inseparable from stability and consistency.
    Linshang technology is a professional gloss meter manufacturer. The Linshang LS192 is a high-precision gloss meter. The instrument not only has high measurement accuracy, but also has good stability and consistency.
    The high stability of the high-precision gloss meter means that the same instrument repeatedly measures the same material repeatedly and the data is stable; Good consistency means that different instruments of the same model detect the same material and the data is consistent. Stability and consistency are interdependent. Only the high-precision gloss meter has good stability and consistency. Then the measurement accuracy will be good.


The Linshang high-precision gloss meter has undergone repeated inspections before leaving the factory to confirm stability and consistency, to ensure that the customer's equipment is free of any problems. And we will also provide the factory report.
    The Linshang gloss meter also provide the
gloss meter calibration. The instrument has a standard board self-diagnosis function to ensure that measurement deviations are not caused by standard plate fouling.



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