Small Size UV Intensity Monitor

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In some special industries, it is necessary to use a smaller probe when measuring the UV light intensity of uv light source in a small space. Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co., Ltd. independently developed a UV intensity monitor LS126A according to the needs of customers.

UV intensity monitor LS126A is mainly used to measure the UV intensity and energy in the UVA band. The ultra-small probe design is used to measure the narrow space where conventional probes are not easy to place. The probe width is only 7.2mm, the aperture diameter is 3mm and the probe is also customizable (minimum width: 7.2mm). If you need to measure UV-C light intensity, Linshang Technology as a professional UV meter manufacturer also invented UV-C meter-LS126C.

126A UV intensity monitor

Although the probe size of the UV intensity monitor LS126A is small. This function is the same as other conventional probes

  1. The probe can be customized to meet more test conditions

  2. High-speed acquisition, 2000 times / second sampling speed, accurate calculation of ultraviolet energy.

  3. The power range is 0-20000mW/cm2 and the UV power unit can also be switched between mW/cm2, W/cm2 and W/m2.

  4. With data statistics function, the interface directly displays real-time values, energy values, maximum values, minimum values, average values and measurement duration.

Linshang UV intensity monitor LS126A, a new and upgraded listing, welcome customers to buy and provide advice! If you want to test the UV light intensity of UVB and UVC bands, please read "UV Intensity Meter Measuring Principle and UV Intensity Unit”.



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