Portable UV Meter for Water Treatment Equipment Ultraviolet Disinfection

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Ultraviolet sterilizer is widely used in water sterilization of pharmaceutical, food, beverage, chemical and other industrial raw materials; water disinfection of drinking water, mineral water, mountain spring water, washing water and other water systems; 

The advantage of the ultraviolet sterilizer is that the irradiation intensity is stable, using 253.7nm ultraviolet and high ultraviolet transmission fused quartz sleeve and the inner wall is a specially treated micro-carbon austenitic stainless steel cylinder. 253.7nm UV has a good bactericidal effect. However, when the ultraviolet ray is attenuated to a certain extent, the bactericidal effect is lost, so it is necessary to check the ultraviolet ray intensity regularly with portable UV meter.

LS125 portable UV meter

LS125 UV light meter

Since the intensity of ultraviolet rays is detected in water, the portable UV meter for detection must have a waterproof function. The Linshang LS125 portable UV light meter can adapt to nine different probes. Among the nine different probes, UVC-wp probe for the UV sterilizer of the water treatment equipment.

UVC-WP probe is one of the 9 probes of LS125 portable UV meter. It is a probe specially developed for high-power germicidal lamp for water treatment. The probe response wavelength is 230nm-280nm, with waterproof function and waterproof depth deep to 1 meter and can detect the intensity and energy of the germicidal lamp.