Linshang High Precision Glass Check Thickness Meter For Sales

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Linshang glass check thickness meter LS201 is a high precision and very practical instrument. No wonder it is very popular among customers.

  1. First, the glass check thickness meter LS201 adopts the optical reflection principle and the glass thickness can be measured on one side of the glass. It is a perfect alternative to vernier calipers for the occasions where vernier caliper can not be used. The large liquid crystal directly displays the thickness of each glass layer and air layer. The instrument has two measurement modes, manual mode and automatic mode. In the manual mode, we can preset the approximate thickness of the glass and air layers.

    201 glass check thickness meter

    Linshang LS201 glass check thickness meter measures the glass

  2. Second, the glass check thickness meter LS201 can measure the thickness of three glass and two chambers, hollow glass and laminated glass. The range of glass is 70mm and the air interlayer is 45mm.

  3. Third, the instrument has two display interfaces for both Chinese and English, which is convenient for foreign customers.

The above is the main advantage of Linshang glass check thickness meter LS201. Welcome new and old customers to consult us, if you have any interest about the meter. More information about how to measure glass thickness, please read "How to Measure Glass Thickness Using Glass Thickness Gauge" ?



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