Digital Gloss Meter Use Precautions

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 The digital gloss meter is a precision measuring instrument. When measuring, we should avoid the drastic changes of the external environment. For example, the flicker of ambient light and the rapid change of temperature should be avoided during the measurement. When measuring, keep the digital gloss meter stable, the measuring notch should be attached to the test sample and avoid shaking and shifting; The digital gloss meter is not waterproof and should not be used in high humidity environment or water mist.
     Keep the digital gloss meter clean and tidy, avoid water, dust and other liquids, powders or solid foreign objects entering the measuring caliber and inside of the instrument. Avoid impact and collision on the digital gloss meter.


After the digital gloss meter is used, it should be turned off. And the digital gloss meter and standard board should be placed in the instrument box and stored properly. The instrument should be stored in a dry, cool environment
    Users are not allowed to make any unauthorized changes to the digital gloss meter. Any unauthorized changes may affect the accuracy of the digital gloss meter or evenirreversible damage to the digital gloss meter.



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