Medical UV disinfection lamp detection precautions

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Many users will find the test data inaccurate when using the UV lamp intensity meter for UV intensity detection. Below we take Linshang LS126C UV lamp intensity meter as an example to make a simple summary of the medical UV disinfection lamp inspection precautions.

  1. When the UV disinfection lamp is not in use, long press the power button to power off the meter.

  2. When testing medical UV disinfection lamps, the UV lamp intensity meter should avoid contact with corrosive materials and keep away from high humidity environment. Because corrosive items may cause damage to the meter, high-humidity environment may cause mildew in the internal electronic components of the instrument, affecting the performance and measurement accuracy of the instrument.

  3. When the LS126C UV lamp intensity meter is not in use, turn off the meter and put the meter into a special packing box, keep it in a safe place to avoid the staining of the photosensitive part and affect the sensitivity of the instrument.

  4. Calibration period, the calibration period of most instruments is one year. If the LS126C UV lamp intensity meter is used frequently, the user can adjust the calibration cycle according to the accuracy of the instrument.

LS126C UV lamp intensity meter

  1. UV lamp intensity meter is very sensitive to humidity changes, so it is important to save the environment. Store the instrument probe in a low humidity environment when not in use for a long time.

  2. When using the UV lamp intensity meter to detect the UV lamp, if the interface displays Low battery, please replace the battery in time.

  3. The UV lamp intensity meter must be hung 1 meter below the center of the lamp when detecting the UV lamp and it should be kept perpendicular to the lamp.

  4. If you need to detect a new lamp, see if there is a protective film that absorbs ultraviolet rays on the new lamp.

  5. When the instrument is measuring, ensure that the probe facing the front of the light source.

  6. If you want to save the current test data under the status screen, you need to light up the screen and press the HOLD button to save the data.

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