Gloss Meter Specification And Marble Gloss Meter

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Gloss is concerned by many people in stone care engineering. Many people regard it as an important criterion of the project quality. The surface gloss of the marble sheet will greatly affect the decorative effect. In general, the polished surface of high-quality marble slabs should have a mirror-like luster that clearly reflects the scene.
     Natural stone is mainly divided into granite and marble. Generally, the gloss of natural marble is mostly about 80GU. The majority of granite is about 90GU. The gloss values are graded in the current natural marble specification. The minimum gloss value of the superior products is divided into three categories according to the chemical main components, which are 90、 80 and 60GU respectively.
   Chinese gloss specification:
    According to the "Method for Measuring the Girth of Architectural Finishing Materials", we need to adopt the nine-point averaging method when measuring the stone gloss. The measurement of the stone gloss is to measure nine points on the 600×600mm sample plate and then the average value is the gloss value of the stone. In real-world measurements, the data of nine points on the same sample may be inconsistent.

LS191 marble gloss meter

For the measurement of marble gloss, we should use a professional marble gloss meter. The LS191 is a versatile 60 degree marble gloss meter. The instrument projects a 60-degree angle of light on the surface of the stone, which is then refracted back. The data is processed by a professional marble gloss meter to obtain the the marble gloss. The LS191 marble gloss meter records the results of successive tests and automatically counts the maximum, minimum, average and mean squared values. After a multi-point tests, the uniformity of the marble gloss can also be analyzed.
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