How to Use Gloss Meter?

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There are different brands of gloss meters on the market. The operation method of different gloss meters is different. Below we take the Linshang LS192 gloss meter as an example to explain the use of the gloss meter.

LS192 Gloss Meter

LS192 Gloss metermeasure metal gloss

  1. Preparation before starting the machine: Remove the lens paper from the standard board, wipe the standard board with a special lens cloth. Then snap the main unit into the base and the main unit is close to the standard board.

  2. Press the "Power Button" in the off state to enter the boot, warm-up, self-test, calibration and measurement interfaces. (10s is required for the whole process).

  3. After entering the measurement interface, remove the base from the gloss meter. Place the test port on the measured object surface and the instrument will display the real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value, standard deviation value and current record of the measured object and the number of measurements

  4. Pressing the power button briefly will save the current measurement value.

Long press the power button to clear all statistics and the number of measurements returns to 0.

There are two ways to shut down the instrument:

  1. Placing the gloss meter onto the base in the on state, the meter will automatically power off in 15 s. 

  2. The gloss meter will automatically power off in 3 minutes without any operation.

  3. If "Please call service" appears on the screen during use, it may be caused by the following reasons:

  4. The standard board is not cleaned. Please clean the standard board before calibrating.

  5. The main unit is not in close contact with the standard board. Please re-insert the base and recalibrate.

  6. The light source is permanently damaged, please send it back to the original factory for repair.

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