Method for Improving Metal Surface Gloss | Gloss Meter

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1. Processing technology issues

If the processing method or tool used by the processor is improper, it will also directly affect the problem of poor surface finish of the metal. You can improve the processing effect and the gloss of the metal surface by adjusting the processing technology or replacing a higher-quality metal tool.

2. Reduce errors during the dosing process

Errors in the dosing process can also easily cause poor gloss on the metal surface. Problems with the cutting fluid itself and inaccurate dosing will most likely cause the unsatisfied processing effect. We can change the cutting fluid with high water quality adaptability and at the same time try to use the cutting fluid automatic dispenser to dispense liquid, so that the concentration of the liquid can be guaranteed to be uniform. It is more conducive to improving the gloss of the metal surface.

3. Choose the metalworking fluid with excellent performance

When selecting metalworking fluids, we don’t just look at the lubrication and cooling. Metalworking fluids with excellent performance can not only meet the requirements of lubrication and cooling during metalworking. At the same time, the excellent metalworking fluid has no chemicals that are harmful to the human body, so it will not cause skin sensitivity and other phenomena. 

4. Improper use of cutting fluid

In the process of machining, if the flow rate of the cutting fluid is too low, or the cutting fluid is not sprayed in a directional direction. It does not play a sufficient role in cleaning, such as lubrication and cooling. Check whether the liquid supply system is blocked and then take a series of cleaning measures before continuing to use it.

5. Metal surface gloss detection

The importance of gloss is self-evident to the hardware industry. For example, the color of a person's skin color is just as important to a person. The situation is clear at a glance. Therefore, it is very important for the hardware industry to choose a suitable gloss meter. The gloss must be controlled before we can develop better in the industry. It is recommended to use Linshang gloss meter.
     Linshang gloss meter mainly include two LS191 and LS192. Both instruments are universal 60-degree designs. The measurement range of the LS191 gloss meter is 0-200GU and the test range of the LS192
gloss meter is 0-1000GU. The following are reasons that we recommend Linshang technology.

LS192 gloss meter

  • The gloss meter has a wide range of applications, simple operation methods, intelligent statistical data, ultra-high measurement accuracy, stable test data, computer online operation as well as ultra-low power consumption and energy saving.

  • The gloss meter has good after-sales service and the warranty of the gloss meter is one year. After the user purchases the manufacturer's instrument, the manufacturer will provide the user with free instrument inspection services and technical support for a long time. Provide users with accessories and spare parts for a long time and provide lifelong maintenance services.

  • The gloss meter produced by Linshang gloss meter manufacturer conforms to national standards. ISO 2813-2014 "Paints and varnishes. Determination of gloss of non-metallic paint film mirrors at 20 °, 60 ° and 85 °". It stipulates that the repeatability and reproducibility of the 60 ° angle are 2GU and 3GU. The repeatability of the Linshang LS191 gloss meter is: 0-100GU: ± 0.2; 100-200GU: ± 0.2% of reading. The repeatability is: 0 -100GU: ± 0.5; 100-200GU: ± 0.5% of reading.

So if you want to find a gloss meter manufacturer, you can contact Linshang Technology.



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