Gloss Meter-Professional Car Maintenance Tool

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Seeing that the Spring Festival is over half, many people will send their cars to maintain in order to meet the upcoming working day. However, the new coronavirus in 2020 makes many people unable to go out of their homes and can only maintain their cars at home. So for us amateur car caregivers, the gloss meter is an artifact to help judge the degree of maintenance.
      Many people don't understand what a gloss meter is, nor do they understand the function of a gloss meter. Let's briefly popularize it for everyone.

  1. Gloss meter is used to measure the surface gloss of different materials (gloss is often an important standard for measuring the aesthetics of items)

  2. The gloss meter has high accuracy, small size and is easy to carry. Modern gloss meters are often used to measure the surface gloss of paint, plastic, stone, etc.
    The above is the most important function of the gloss meter. It applies the principle of refraction and reflection of light.

So how does the gloss meter play a role in car maintenance?

Many people choose to wax the car on a regular basis, so that a protective layer is formed on the surface of the car, which is effective against corrosion and abrasion. Regularly waxing your car, this kind of maintenance work can make the surface of the car rich in layers and gloss, it looks newer and cleaner. It can give a good first impression. However, too thick a wax layer will make the surface of the vehicle easily contaminated with dust, which is not conducive to the reflection of natural light. It not only looks dirty, but also affects sight.

The application of a professional gloss meter can measure the gloss of the car paint, which can refine a vague concept and give the caregiver a clearer waxing range. We can also specialize and standardize when we regularly wax and regularly maintain our vehicles at home.

Why is car maintenance inseparable from a gloss meter?

Many amateur vehicle maintenance operators do not know how to grasp the thickness of the wax surface, which often causes the vehicle wax layer to be uneven, so that it will be concave and convex from the side, which is very ugly. The degree of wear of the car paint will also vary, it does not look shiny and it lacks a perfect smooth light refraction. The disadvantages caused by this are not only the inability to maintain the vehicle, but also greatly affect the aesthetics of the vehicle. Therefore, a professional gloss meter must be used for vehicle maintenance. You only need to select a few more points for gloss measurement during wax coating and control these gloss values within a small fluctuation range. It will be amazing.

It is worth noting that because each person's vehicle paint is different, the choice of gloss meter is also different. This is mainly reflected in the range selection of the gloss meter. The more stable one is to start with a large range and high accuracy gloss meter. For example, Linshang single-angle gloss meter LS192, which can help amateurs intuitively see the gloss consistency of automotive paint. In addition, this single-angle gloss meter LS192 has a large range, which can be perfectly measured as long as it is a car paint, which also reduces the trouble of choosing different car paints and choosing different gloss meters.