How to Measure Ink Gloss? | Gloss Meter

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1. Factors that affect the gloss of the ink

  First of all, let's understand the gloss of the ink: it refers to the ability of the ink on the printed matter surface to reflect the light in the same direction under the light. When high gloss inks are used, the prints are brighter and the colors appear brighter. When using low gloss inks, the color becomes noticeably dull. Since the gloss of the ink directly affects the quality of the printed product, in order to obtain a high-gloss printed product, many printing manufacturers have spent a lot of effort on the gloss of the ink. So what exactly affects the gloss of the ink?
      (1) The effect of water on ink gloss
When the water-solvent content in the ink is large, the paper absorption rate is increased. The ink viscosity becomes larger, resulting in the inability to form a smooth ink, which affects the gloss.
      (2) Influence of ink fineness on gloss
The fineness of the ink is good, the smoothness of the ink film is high so the gloss of the ink is naturally high. If the fineness of the ink is not good, the ink film will be rough and the ink gloss will be reduced.
     (3) Effect of co-solvent on gloss
      When the co-solvent volatilizes too quickly, the ink does not have time to form a uniform ink film.

2. How to measure ink gloss?

Gloss depends on the type and nature of the binder in the ink, the manufacturing process and the flatness of the ink film after drying. Due to the limitation of the human eyesight range, we cannot judge the gloss of the ink by the naked eye. The gloss of the ink can be easily measured using a gloss meter. The large consumer demand for gloss meters that has prompted a boom in the production of gloss meters in China. Faced with the emergence of various brands and models of the gloss meter, consumers are dazzled and difficult to decide. Believe me, it is definitely a wise choice to buy Linshang LS192 gloss meter!

gloss meter

Linshang LSI92 gloss meter is a high-precision, miniaturized gloss meter manufactured in accordance with the ISO-2813 standard, suitable for the gloss measurement of coatings, paints, inks, plastics, stone, floor and wooden furniture surface. The operation is very convenient. Just press the power button and the gloss meter can measure the gloss after automatic calibration. Non-professional measurement customers to get started easily without pressure. Linshang Technology provides one-year after-sale warranty service. The lifetime maintenance service is well received by consumers. Want to measure ink gloss accurately? What are you waiting for? Hurry up and buy the Linshang LSI92 gloss meter! If you need to select the gloss meter, please read "Gloss Meter Selection and FAQ".



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