Effect of Gloss and Gloss Meter

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The gloss of the product directly affects the visual effect of the person. The better the gloss, the stronger the aesthetics. In the field of industrial production, how does gloss affect the product? And why do you need a gloss meter for gloss testing?

Gloss meter can be used to measure the gloss of different material surfaces. Just like judging the quality of human skin, when the gloss does not reach the corresponding standard, the gloss meter will "issue an early warning" based on the test data, reminding us to pay attention to the gloss. With the gloss meter, you can achieve finer control on the gloss of the produced product and improve the product from the details.

Gloss meter can be used to identify the gloss of car paint. There are many classifications of car paints. The most common ones are divided into plain paints, metal paints and pearl paints according to the different paint additives. They can also be divided into high-gloss paints and matte paints according to the surface gloss. Generally speaking, gloss above 90 GU is high-gloss paint and below 30GU is matte paint. Most new cars are usually painted with high-gloss paint, but less with matte paint. This is determined by legal norms. The automobile industry standard of the People's Republic of China stipulates that the paint coating has a gloss of not less than 90GU. In addition, the film thickness, temperature and gas output during the spraying process will affect the gloss of the car. The gloss meter can identify the paint gloss on the surface of the car body, make the paint surface gloss reach the corresponding standard. At the same time, keep the gloss in a good range and improve the overall fashion sense and ornamental sense of the car body.

gloss meter

The gloss meter can also be used to measure the gloss of plastics. For example, when the PVC sheet is reached with whitening agent and titanium dioxide, the whiteness and gloss of the calcium plate can be changed by controlling the quality of the calcium powder. Among them, the calcium powder with a whiteness of 95GU or more and 85GU or more will have a significant difference. Some people want to make plastics have metallic luster through plastic dyeing. For example, if you need matte luster, use metal paint and if you want mirror luster, use electroplating. If it is diy, if the equipment is limited, you can directly use silver ammonium solution and sugar water for silver mirror reaction and then apply a layer of transparent protective paint. A gloss meter can ensure the normal progress of the reaction. Gloss detection through a gloss meter can make the product have no previous effect, such as the more popular PP toilet ring. The surface gloss is high, the use experience is better than thermoset plastics and the cost is lower than wood products. Through the detection of the gloss meter, the product is more adapted to daily needs, and other costs are also reduced.

The gloss meter can also assist the injection molding process. For example, when the material and mold skin texture have been determined, the higher the mold temperature, the lower the gloss. The lower the mold temperature, the higher the gloss, the fuller the part and the lower the gloss. The control of these variables will reduce the gloss of the product. This requires a gloss meter to determine the specific requirements for gloss.



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