UV Intensity Tester Test Reptile Growth Lamp

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Scientists divide the ultraviolet rays into three types according to the different wavelengths of ultraviolet rays on organisms, namely UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. Among these three different types of ultraviolet rays, UV-B can be said to have the most positive effect. In the daily sunlight, we can also get the UVB light that is beneficial to us. In view of the analysis that UVB is beneficial to biology, the reptile growth lamp that emits UVB has also been born in the modern reptile industry to help the growth of pet reptiles. An UV intensity tester can be used to test its irradiation intensity.

Under the vigorous development, the reptile growth lamp has stabilized at a relatively mature stage. In other words, the reptile growth lamp imitates the UVB rays in the sun to help pets absorb calcium and vitamins. The wavelength is generally 275-320nm. In addition to being used as a reptile growth lamp, UVB rays are also used in medical or aging tests.

Reptile growth lights are generally used for pets kept in pet boxes, mainly turtles and lizards. Due to the low temperature in winter and insufficient sunlight or the pet box being placed in a house that cannot be exposed to sufficient sunlight, a reptile growth lamp is required. Take turtles as an example, UVB can promote them to absorb calcium and vitamin D more effectively, because turtles must absorb more calcium to develop turtle shells. The meat or vegetarian foods that are usually eaten contain less calcium. The synthesizing process by eating plant fibers is very long. With the help of reptile growth lamps, you will get more calcium absorption.

Of course, the daily exposure time should not be too long. Even the human body, if prolonged exposure to UVB will cause erythema, in addition to making the skin black, it will also cause redness and peeling.

UV intensity tester
UV intensity tester

Use the UV intensity tester to test the ultraviolet light intensity of the reptile growth lamp. In case the ultraviolet wavelength reaches the UVC level, this lamp will no longer help pets grow. In addition, it is also necessary to periodically test the UV irradiation intensity of the reptile growth lamp to ensure that the intensity is within the effective range as much as possible to avoid invalid UV or excessive damage to pets.

The UV intensity tester must be carried out regularly for the reptile growth lamp. So what are the significant advantages of the UV intensity tester for detecting the reptile lamp?

  1. Good stability and extremely small error value, which can meet the detection of ultraviolet rays by major enterprises or individuals.

  2. Easy to carry, the probe can be detached and can be taken to different places at any time.

  3. With statistical functions, it can display the maximum value; minimum value; average value; real-time value and other practical data.

  4. The meter can switch between 3 different measurement units: μW/cm², mW/cm², W/m², and data conversion without manual calculation.

Whether it is to detect ultraviolet rays in the UVA, UVB and UVC bands, Linshang Technology has a suitable UV intensity tester for you to choose from.

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