What is the LED UV curing system market size and share?

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LED UV curing machine refers to a UV curing machine made of LED light source. It can cure the glue by curing with ultraviolet light. It can be widely used in offset printing, silk screen printing, rotary printing, flexographic printing, digital inkjet printing and labeling. Printing, printing curing, paint curing, medical analysis, electronics and other fields.

In industrial production, reliable, stable and shorter curing time is an important indicator. LED UV curing machine has many advantages over traditional mercury lamp UV curing machine: LED UV curing machine has no heat radiation and low energy consumption. Environmental protection, no pollution, simple installation and space saving, more importantly, the long service life of LED UV curing machine can reduce the input and use cost for customers.

In recent years, LED UV curing machines have gradually replaced traditional mercury lamp UV curing machines in many applications, and the market scale has expanded rapidly. The report shows that in 2016, the market size of China's LED UV curing machine has reached 530 million yuan, an increase of 26.5%.

The curing effect of the LED UV curing machine is determined by the absorption rate of the photoinitiator material. For most photoinitiator materials, the wavelength is shorter than 405nm for higher absorption, so LED UV curing machines often require wavelengths of at least 405nm. Basically, the shorter the wavelength, the higher the absorption rate. From this point of view, the LED UV curing machine used for curing should use short-wavelength LEDs as much as possible, but due to technical limitations, the shorter the wavelength of the LED, the lower the luminous efficiency (the lower the light intensity), resulting in a longer practical use. Wavelength UV-LEDs may cure better.

UV LED curing machine

LED UV curing machine can directly convert electrical energy into UV light, and emits single-band ultraviolet light. The light energy is highly concentrated in a specific ultraviolet light band. Currently, the relatively mature applications in the market are 365nm, 385nm, 395nm and other bands.

In 2016, the Chinese market for LED UV curing machines at 365nm, 395nm, 385nm and other bands accounted for 29.2%, 48.3%, 8.2%, and 14.3%, respectively.

Linshang Technology LS128 and LS131 UV LED Energy Meters are specifically designed to measure the intensity and energy of UV LED light sources in the 365-405 nm range and can be linked to PC software to print test reports.


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