The Importance of UV Power Puck In UV Curing

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The photochemical process of instantaneous surface curing using strong ultraviolet radiation is ultraviolet light curing technology. The liquid UV coating, ink, adhesive and other materials are converted into a solid state in a short time.
      It is important to choose a suitable UV spectral radiance and cure time. The UV power puck is indispensable for detecting the intensity and energy of ultraviolet radiation. It is an important instrument for detecting the UV intensity and energy in the curing process. Commonly used are the UV power puck LS120 for mercury lamps and the LS128 for LED.
      UVA waveband is commonly used in UV curing. Select the corresponding glue of the UV curing machine light source is an important process to improve the curing efficiency. In addition, if the curing efficiency needs to be improved, the source intensity, temperature, power and irradiation time of the UV curing machine need to be considered. Choosing the right parameters is a prerequisite for curing.

LS128 UV power puck

UV power puck

With the popularity of UV inks, UV curing machines cater to the needs of today's market with their unique radiation characteristics and good performance. UV-curable coating, without any organic solvent or inert diluent, does not require heating when curing. It has characteristics such as less environmental pollution, low energy consumption, high efficiency, good chemical stability, good applicability, etc. Environmentally friendly modern coatings are widely used in various fields.
     As for the development and application of various photosensitive coatings, one of the keys to UV-curing coating formulation design is how to improve its adhesion to various substrates. In the process of photocuring by ultraviolet light, the ultraviolet radiation intensity plays an important role in the overall photocuring effect and the stable ultraviolet illuminance can improve the quality of the ultraviolet light curing product. Therefore, it is necessary to use the LS128 UV power puck to detect the intensity and energy of the UV LED light sources.
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