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There are many brands of metal gloss tester suppliers at home and abroad. For example, Germany BYK, Linshang, Yi Si Tong, Dongru. How do we choose these suppliers and brands?

BYK is a German brand with multi-angle metallic gloss testers and single-angle metallic gloss testers. The measuring angle of the instrument is 20 degrees, 60 degrees, 80 degrees. This brand is very popular, but the price is more expensive. The BYK gloss meter price is around 18,000 RMB. Dongru and other products are cheap but the measurement accuracy is not good. Considering the comprehensive factors, if you are looking for a metal gloss tester supplier, Linshang Technology is your best choice.

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Linshang gloss tester products mainly include LS191 and LS192. Both instruments are universal 60 degree angle designs. The measurement range of the LS191 metal gloss tester is 0-200GU and the measurement range of the LS192 metal gloss tester is 0-1000GU. Why do we recommend Linshang gloss tester supplier?
    1.The instrument has wide application range, simple operation method, intelligent statistical data, high measurement accuracy, stable test data, computer online operation, compact and easy to carry, ultra-low power consumption and energy saving.
    2.The instrument has good after-sales service, the warranty period of the gloss tester is one year. After the user purchases the instrument of the supplier, the supplier will provide the instrument inspection service and technical support for the user for a long time. Provide long-term spare parts for users and lifetime maintenance services.
    3.From the selection of materials to the production quality inspection through strict screening, the supplier do its best to ensure product quality.

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4.The gloss tester produced by Linshang metal gloss tester supplier meets the national standard. ISO 2813-2014 "Color lacquers and varnishes - Determination of gloss at 20 °, 60 ° and 85 ° for non-metallic paint film mirrors". The repeatability and reproducibility of the 60° angle are 2GU and 3GU, respectively. The repeatability of the LS191 gloss tester is: 0-100GU: ±0.2; 100-200GU: ±0.2% reading, reproducibility: 0 -100GU: ±0.5; 100-200GU: ±0.5% reading.

So if you are looking for a metal gloss tester supplier, we recommend Linshang Technology. The Linshang 60° universal gloss tester will bring you convenience during your gloss measurement process.

For more information about the gloss meter, please read "Gloss Tester in the Electroplating Industry".



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