Car Paint Meter | Judging Automobile Paint Film Effect on Used Cars

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The car paint film is a layer of transparent protective film covering the car paint surface. This protective film removes the oxide layer of the car paint surface to form a transparent inorganic film so as to improve the brightness. This kind of lightness is protected. A professional second-hand car appraiser only needs to detect the paint film thickness on the part of the car to determine whether there is an accident. The car paint meter gauge is the best choose to test the paint film thickness.

1. Judgment criteria for used cars:

When buying a second-hand car, if you want the buyer and seller to get a perfect result, you must follow a convincing standard. Used car can only be judged by the latest price of the car in the market today and then buyers and sellers negotiate car discounts based on the car's scrap level.
       When buying and selling second-hand cars, you can generally use the following criteria:

  1. The car paint thickness condition. Whether the used car had serious accident,  to identify the value of the car. We can analyze the car paint thickness . Whether this car has been repainted a lot or made sheet metal. We can use car paint meter to test the car paint thickness combined with the experience.

  2. The service life of the vehicle, the discount for second-hand cars with a service life of three years is the largest. Generally, it will discount 20% -30% of the original price of the car. 

  3. The distance traveled by a vehicle. A car that travels 20,000 kilometers in one year can still be called a new car. Cars that travel 60,000 kilometers in three years can be called a "second new car." It can no longer be called a new car.

  4. The quality of the vehicle machinery. For a vehicle that has been in operation for more than three years and has a mileage of more than 60,000 kilometers, if the owner is diligent in maintaining the vehicle and the condition of the vehicle is intact, a good price can still be sold.

  5. The appearance of the vehicle is good or bad, whether the vehicle has any signs of repair, even if it is a slight scratch, the price of the car will drop a lot.

  6. In addition to the configuration of the vehicle itself, the sales price of second-hand cars are also related to some other market environments.

2.  Evaluate used cars by automobile paint film thickness

car paint meter

Among the factors that affect the price of second-hand cars, the configuration of the car can get a rough result after a few test runs. It is difficult to judge whether the car has been rubbed. 

In this case, only a few professional car appraisers can evaluate the car paint film thickness. For ordinary people, you need to use a professional car paint meter gauge to measure whether the vehicle is an "accident" car".
LS220B car paint meter is a professional paint mil gauge for detecting the car paint surface thickness. The car paint meter can complete a measurement within 0.5S. With temperature compensation function, LS220B car paint meter can be used at low temperature and ensure the stability and accuracy of test data. The LS220B car paint meter has Bluetooth function and can be connected to mobile phone software. After use, they can also save test data and generate test report. 

Except for the LS220B bluetooth car paint meter, Linshang Technology has also invented three other car paint meters-LS220,LS230,LS232. 

  1. LS220 car paint meter is a standard type.

  2. LS220B car paint meter has the same technical parameters with LS220. The difference is that LS220B car paint meter has Bluetooth function.

  3. LS230 is a single OLED car paint meter.

  4. LS232 is a dual OLED car paint meter. Except for the difference of display methods, the biggest advantage of LS230 and LS232 is that they can be normally used in -40℃-50℃ environment.

For details about Linshang car paint meters, please read "Paint Thickness Gauge Selection and FAQ". 

If you have a second-hand car shop, please also consider starting a second-hand car paint meter to prevent customers from committing fraud. For customers who want to sell second-hand cars, if you are sure that your car is not scratching, you can ask the buyer to test your car paint film with Linshang car paint meter to prevent malicious price reduction.

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