• 【News】New Product:LS201 Digital Glass Thickness Meter
    We have pushed out a new product:LS201 Digital glass thickness meter. It makes use of optical reflection principle to measure the thickness of the glass surface on one side. It is especially applicable for occasions where general measuring tools including scales and vernier calipers are impossible or not easy to measure.
  • 【Cases】Low-E Glass and Low-E Detector
  • 【Technology】Portable Glass Thickness Gauge
    Linshang Technology has two portable glass thickness gauges, the LS200 for scale reading and the LS201 for digital reading.
  • 【Technology】The Role of Insulated Glass Thickness Gauge
    The thickness of the insulating glass directly affects the sound insulation effect and heat insulation effect of the building energy-saving glass. The measurement method of the thickness of the insulating glass can use the insulated glass thickness meter, which can directly measure the thickness of the double glazing and the thickness of the air layer.
  • 【Technology】Laser Glass Thickness Gauge Manufacturer
    Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of laser glass thickness gauges, including digital insulating glass thickness gauge and scale hollow glass thickness gauge.
  • 【Technology】 Device for Glass Thickness Measurement
    The Linshang LS201 glass thickness measuring device is an instrument designed to measure the thickness of glass.
  • 【Technology】 How to Measure the Insulating Glass Thickness?
  • 【Technology】 Glass Measuring Tool for Curtain Wall
    Glass curtain wall generally has three kinds of structures: single-layer glass, double-layer glass or triple-layer glass. We need to use a professional instrument – Linshang insulated glass measuring tool.
  • 【Technology】Insulated Glass Thickness Gauge Suppliers
  • 【Products】LS201 Digital Glass Thickness Meter
    1.Range: Glass Thickness Scale 70mm, Air Space Scale 45mm, Accuracy: ±0.1mm 2.Laser reflects on CCD to measure glass thickness and Air thickness 3.Measure Glass & Air Space (insulated glass) quickly from single side of IG Units 4.Can be switched between Chinese and English 5.Can measure three layers of glass with two layers of air space
  • 【Products】LS200 Glass Thickness Meter
    1.Measure Glass & Air Space quickly from single side of IG Units 2.Range: Glass Thickness Scale 70mm, Air Space Scale 34mm 3.Mainly used on measuring glass and air space in insulated glass 4.Can measure individual panes of glass and the thickness of a glass bottle etc.
  • 【Technology】Safety Glass Thickness and Glass Thickness Gauge
    Linshang digital glass thickness gauge is an instrument designed to measure the glass thickness.
  • 【Technology】Linshang Insulated Glass Unit Measuring Tools
    There are a variety of insulated glass unit measuring tools in Linshang. The two most common instruments are digital glass thickness gauges and light transmittance meters.
  • 【Technology】Window Glass Thickness Gauge Manufacturer
    ​Linshang Technology is an insulating window glass thickness gauge manufacturer, including digital insulating window glass thickness gauges and scale insulating window glass thickness gauges, which can test the thickness of various single-layer glass, double-glazed glass, insulating glass, triple-layer glass and the thickness of the air layer.
  • 【Technology】Glass Thickness Gauge For Laminated Glass
    Laminated glass is widely used in modern building. This thickness of laminated glass is concerned with the safety. So the laminated glass suppliers need to control the laminated glass thickness with a glass thickness gauge for laminated glass.