Application of UV Curing Oven and Selection of UV Integrators

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UV curing ovens are widely used in the fields of optical fiber, silk screen, liquid crystal, electronics and packaging. For the UV light source on the UV curing oven, the Linshang UV integrator is divided into mercury lamp and UV LED.

     A UV curing oven, also called a UV furnace, is a device that obtains a coating film that can also be crosslinked by rapid polymerization of a monomer/oligomer mixture.
     UV curing oven is a high-tech that has developed rapidly in recent years. It is widely used in the fields of optical fiber, electronics, silk screen, liquid crystal, packaging, etc., such as: screen printing, medium-sized packaging carton offset printing, nameplate, desk calendar. 
UV integrator is also widely used in UV curing ovens. In the UV curing industry, the energy level during curing is a very important process parameter. Because the ultraviolet light source is attenuated over time, the UV integrator is used to measure the attenuation of the ultraviolet light source to ensure the consistency of the process parameters in the production process.

UV curing oven

     However, the ultraviolet light source on the market is further divided into high pressure mercury lamp and UV LED lamp. Therefore, for the difference of light sources, Linshang Technology has invented UV integrators LS120 and LS130 for high-pressure mercury lamps and UV integrators LS128 and LS131 for UV LED. The above is available for customers to choose.

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