Germicidal Lamp and UV Intensity Tester

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253.7nm ultraviolet germicidal lamps can effectively kill bacteria and viruses. A large number of studies have been carried out by the predecessors and it is not necessary to doubt the fact. The characteristics of ultraviolet sterilization are broad-spectrum. Some viruses that are difficult to eliminate at high temperatures can be quickly eliminated with ultraviolet light. This is due to the ultraviolet sterilization principle and other methods. The radiation intensity of different ultraviolet rays is a basic factor that affects the disinfection effect. The most effective method is to measure the ultraviolet radiation intensity with an UV intensity tester.

I. Notes when using ultraviolet germicidal lamp

The killing of bacteria and viruses by ultraviolet rays is related to the ultraviolet irradiation dose, the irradiation dose=the irradiation time (S)×the irradiation intensity (μw/cm2). The theoretical design requirement of the irradiation dose is generally greater than 30000μw/cm2. If it is detected by an UV intensity tester. The ultraviolet intensity is low, as long as the time is long, it can achieve the same effect as when the intensity is slightly higher. If the time is not long, you need to choose an UV intensity tester to detect high-power ultraviolet lamps with higher intensity.

In general, the radiation dose required for the killing of various bacteria and viruses is different. The irradiation time can be calculated by using the UV intensity tester to calculate the irradiation time. If you do not know the object to be disinfected, use ultraviolet light when the UV intensity is qualified, it is generally necessary to extend the irradiation time to ensure the sterilization effect.

uvc germicidal lamp
uvc germicidal lamp

Ultraviolet rays can kill cells, it is necessary to pay attention to not directly irradiate human skin, especially human eyes during ultraviolet disinfection. Do not look directly at the lamp when the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is lit. Short-wave ultraviolet rays do not pass through ordinary glass, wear glasses avoid eye damage. If you accidentally hurt your eyes, the general situation is irrelevant. Just like being burned by sunlight, serious eye drops or human milk can help you recover. In some people's occasions, do not use an ozone lamp, which is harmful to people when the ozone concentration is high.

II. Application of ultraviolet germicidal lamps

Ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization have a wide range of uses. Hospitals, schools, nurseries, movie theaters, buses, offices, homes, etc. It can purify the air and eliminate moldy smells. In addition, they can also produce a certain amount of negative oxygen ions. The air is particularly fresh. In public places, disinfection of ultraviolet germicidal lamps qualified by UV intensity testers can prevent some germs from spreading through the air or through the surface of objects. The application of long-life ultraviolet germicidal lamps in water disinfection and environmental protection engineering is of great significance. Water disinfection equipment such as pure water systems generally operate within 24 hours. The life and reliability of ultraviolet germicidal lamps require high requirements and frequent use of ultraviolet intensity is required. UV intensity tester is used to measure the germicidal lamp intensity.

UV intensity tester
UV intensity tester

III. How to choose a suitable UV intensity tester?

The LS126C UV intensity tester independently developed and produced by Linshang Technology is definitely the leader among many instruments on the market.

The LS126C UV intensity tester has Bluetooth function. It can be connected to a dedicated mobile phone app to achieve wireless monitoring of UV intensity without protective devices.

The LS126C UV intensity tester also has an intelligent statistical function, which displays real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value, measurement duration, date and time at the same time during measurement. Power curve display is used to analyze the change trend of luminous intensity after the lamp is lit. A variety of functions are available for you to analyze the stability of the lamp.