• [Technology]UV Power Puck Selection
    As a famous Chinese manufacturer of UV power pucks and ultraviolet irradiance meters, Linshang Technology provides a variety of professional instruments for ultraviolet radiation intensity and energy detection.
  • [Technology]UV Power Puck Designed For Ultraviolet LED Light Source
    The Linshang UV power puck LS128 and LS131 are professionally used for the detection of UV LED light sources. The biggest difference between the two instruments is that the appearance is different. And the LS128 can measure the temperature, while the LS131 can not measure the temperature.
  • [Technology]Common Brands of UV Power Pucks
    The UV power puck LS120 produced by Linshang technology is a perfect alternative to the EIT UV power puck whose is price is too high with the same performance. And Linshang UV power puck has comprehensive function, you can test energy, power and display temperature and power curves.
  • [Technology]UV Integrator for High Pressure Mercury Lamps
    During the curing process, the high-pressure mercury lamp intensity will decay with time. It can't be seen with the naked eye. It can be measured with the UV integrator. By looking at the power curve of the instrument, the customer can analyze the distribution of the light source intensity.
  • [Technology] How to Judge the Quality of the UV integrator?
    How to judge the quality of the UV integrators? The performance of a UV integrator can be judged by the stability and consistency of the data and the service life. The measurement certificate issued by the Chinese National Metrology Institute is also a method of selecting instruments.
  • [Technology] Comparison Between UV 150 Integrator and Chinese UV puck
    The UV150 UV integrator is designed to test the energy of ultraviolet light sources. The UV puck produced by Linshang Technology Co., Ltd. can be used not only to test energy, but also to test power, temperature, display power and temperature curves.
  • [Technology]UV LED Power Puck Used For UV Curing
    UV led power puck is also known as UV integrator. The ultraviolet power puck is mainly used to detect whether the power and energy of the ultraviolet light source meet the UV curing standard. If the UV source is attenuated, the source needs to be replaced.
  • [Technology]Which brand of UV energy meter is best?
    UV energy meter is a professional UV intensity and energy detection instrument. At present, there are many brands of UV energy meter, UV power puck and UV integrator. Which brand of UV energy meter is one of the confusions for many customers when purchasing instruments?
  • [Technology]How to Calculate UV energy and intensity by UV integrator?
    UV integrator is widely used in the curing industry. It is mainly used to detect the intensity and energy detection of UV lamps for curing. This article mainly introduces the knowledge of UV lamps and UV integrators to help users understand how to calculate UV energy and intensity by UV integrator?
  • [Technology] How to Choose a Good UV Radiometer Puck?
    With the development of technology, UV curing technology is becoming more and more popular. A professional UV radiometer puck is essential for achieving good curing results. How to choose a good UV radiometer puck has become a concern of many customers.
  • [Technology]What is the UV Energy Tester?
    The UV energy tester can be used not only to measure UV energy, but also to measure UV intensity, display power and temperature curve, and have intelligent data statistics functions.
  • [Technology]Conditions For High Precision UV Power Integrator
  • [Technology]UV Integrators Used In UV Curing Oven
    UV curing ovens are widely used in the fields of optical fiber, silk screen, liquid crystal, electronics and packaging. For the UV light source on the UV curing oven, it is recommended to use Linshang UV integrator.
  • [Technology]Why LED Lights Use Special UV Light Integrator?
  • [Technology]How to Choose a Suitable UV Radiometer Puck?
    Choosing a suitable UV radiometer puck has three aspects need to be considered, they are the type of UV light source to be tested, the function of the UV radiometer puck and the cost-performance ratio of the instrument.
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