• [Technology] How to Measure Dry Film Thickness?
    The LS220 dry film thickness gauge is a host and probe integrated instrument .It can complete a measurement in 0.5 seconds without calibration .
  • [Technology]How to Use the Coating Thickness Meter Properly?
    Different people use the same coating thickness meter to measure the same coating on different types and different state substrates.
  • [Technology]Zero Calibration of Automotive Paint Meter
    The Linshang LS221 Automotive Paint Meter is a split type paint thickness gauge. It is widely used in the used car industry. It is suitable for detecting the film thickness of narrow parts. The instrument uses a wear-resistant ruby material probe and transmits data by digital. The instrument can provide good test accuracy and repeatability.
  • [Technology]Car Paint Meter for Detecting the Thickness of Automotive Paint
    The Linshang Auto Paint Meter LS220 has many functions, it can be used to measure the coating thickness on both ferrous and non-ferrous substrate, the auto paint meter is characterized by its mall size and low price. It is a necessary thickness measuring instrument for testing the thickness of automotive paint film.
  • [Technology]Split Coating Thickness Measurement Instrument
  • [Technology]How to Measure Paint Thickness of Used Car
    ​The paint thickness measurement of used cars is skillful. First, measure the thickness of the roof by a paint thickness meter, because the paint on the car roof is usually made of original paint. Then use the paint thickness meter to measure the thickness of other parts of the car to accurately know whether the car has been repaired.
  • [Technology] The Advantages of Water-based Paint
    LS220B paint coating thickness gauge is a professional instrument for detecting the thickness of automotive paint film.
  • [Technology]The Principle of Digital Coating Thickness Gauge
    Linshang digital coating thickness gauge automatically switches the measurement substrate to measure the thickness of the coating on various metal substrates such as magnetic and non-magnetic. The instrument measurement uses the two principles of Hall Effect and eddy current.
  • [Technology]Best Paint Thickness Gauge for Sale
    Linshang LS220 best paint thickness gauge is used to test the thickness of car paint and coatings on metal substrate.
  • [Technology]How to Check Paint Thickness of Steel?
    Linshang LS220 coating thickness gauge can be used to test the coating thickness of steel structure.
  • [Technology]Used Car Anti-Fraud Guide
    Linshang paint thickness measuring tool ​adopt the ruby probe which has the effect of wear and corrosion resistance, ensuring long-term use of the instrument. It can be used to test the second used car paint thickness.
  • [Technology]What is the Role of Mil Thickness Gauge for Paint?
    we can not identify the accident car very well by our naked eye. So we need a professional mil thickness gauge for paint to test the second used car paint thickness
  • [Technology] Paint Thickness Gauge Reviews
    There are so many paint thickness gauge manufacturers on the market and the selection of the coating thickness gauge has become a problem for many people. Today we will make a paint thickness gauge review.
  • [Technology]What are the Types of Dry Film Thickness Gauge?
    The Linshang dry film thickness gauge can be used for both iron and aluminum. It adopts the eddy current and magnetic principle.
  • [Technology]What is Coating Thickness Gauge?
    Linshang Technology as a coating thickness gauge manufacturer provides high-precision painting thickness meter, also known as mil gauge or automotive (car) and dry film thickness (DFT) tester.
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