• [Technology]German Q-nix Digital Thickness Gauge Meter
    In this essay, we mainly introduce the classification, the available basic materials, the measurement principle of the German Q-nix digital thickness gauge meter.
  • [Technology] What is Coating Thickness Meter?
    Coating thickness meter is an instrument used to measure the thickness of coating layer on the metal substrate surface.
  • [Technology]Application Fields of Paint Thickness Gauges
    Paint thickness gauges are mainly used in aircraft, ships, automobiles, motorcycles, natural gas pipelines and other industries. And the performance of the paint coating won’ t be better when the coating thickness is thicker.
  • [Technology]Elcometer Coating Thickness Gauge Tester
    British Elcometer coating thickness gauge tester is mainly divided into 4 types: E type, basic type, standard type, advanced type. The instrument is powerful but expensive.
  • [Technology]EPK Metal Thickness Meter
    EPK metal thickness meter has wide application fields and there are many types of instruments. Customers can choose different meters with different parameters.
  • [Technology]How to Choose Car Paint Thickness Detector?
    Car paint thickness detector is a professional instrument designed to measure the paint thickness of the automotive. Many customers don’t know how to choose a suitable car paint thickness detector. So, how to choose car paint thickness detector?
  • [Technology]Coating Thickness Gauge with Bluetooth
    ​The coating thickness gauge with Bluetooth detects the maximum, minimum, and average values of the measured object and measures the substrate. Moreover, the test data can be recorded through the mobile APP, and the functions of "clearing data" and "storing data" are very practical.
  • [Technology]Is It Useful to Buy a Used Car Paint Measure Tool?
    It is useful to buy a used car paint measure tool. The tool determine whether the car has been repaired by measuring the car paint film thickness.
  • [Technology]What Brand of Car Paint Thickness Meter is Good?
    Each car paint thickness meter has its own advantages and disadvantages. The German EPK is recommended for the construction industry and civil engineering. As for the wet film, we recommend Elcometer.
  • [Technology]Five Measuring Methods of Coating Thickness Gauge
    This article will briefly introduce the measurement methods and principles of coating thickness gauges and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • [Technology]What is Coating Thickness Gauge?
    ​What is a coating thickness gauge? Coating Thickness Gauge, also known as Paint Thickness Gauge, Dry Film Thickness Gauge, is an instrument that measures the thickness of materials such as coatings, paints, and paper.
  • [Technology]Linshang Double Probe Paint Mil Thickness Gauge
    The paint mil thickness gauge LS223 with dual probes and wide measurement range is designed as split type. The host can freely switch between the F3N3 probe and the F5N3 probe. The difference between the two probes is the measurement range.
  • [Technology] Eddy Current Thickness Gauge For Used Car
    In the used car industry, the eddy current thickness gauge is one of the main equipment used by second-hand car appraisers to identify the overall condition of used cars. The brands of domestic eddy current thickness gauges commonly used by second-hand car appraisers are Guoou, Lin Shang and Yu Wen.
  • [Technology]The Principle of Magnetic Paint Thickness Gauge
    The magnetic paint thickness gauge measures the magnetic attraction between the permanent magnet and the metal substrate, because the magnetic attraction is affected by the presence of the covering layer; or the magnetic resistance of the magnetic path measurement of the passing through the covering layer and the base metal.
  • [Technology]Portable Automotive Paint Coating Thickness Gauge
    This article will introduce three popular portable automotive paint coating thickness gauge brands and compare their measurement principles, usage methods, value-added features and prices.
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