• [Technology]The Principle of Magnetic Paint Thickness Gauge
    The magnetic paint thickness gauge measures the magnetic attraction between the permanent magnet and the metal substrate, because the magnetic attraction is affected by the presence of the covering layer; or the magnetic resistance of the magnetic path measurement of the passing through the covering layer and the base metal.
  • [Technology]Portable Automotive Paint Coating Thickness Gauge
    This article will introduce three popular portable automotive paint coating thickness gauge brands and compare their measurement principles, usage methods, value-added features and prices.
  • [Technology]Four Germany QNix Powder Coating Thickness Gauges
    Germany QNix is a professional powder powder coating thickness gauges supplier. This article will introduce the parameters, functions and application industry of four different types of powder coating thickness gauges.
  • [Technology]Elcometer Paint Thickness Gauge 456
    The Elcometer paint thickness gauge 456 is an instrument specifically designed to measure the coating thickness on magnetic and non-magnetic metal substrates. This instrument is a classic product of the British Elcometer paint thickness gauge brand. According to different characteristics, this classic model can also be divided into many different types. Below we will classify and introduce this Elcometer paint thickness gauge from different angles.
  • [Technology]Fireproof Paint Mil Thickness Tester
    The subway surface will be coated with a fire retardant coating to prevent fire. After the construction is completed, the fireproof paint mil thickness tester can be used to check the fireproof coating thickness in the compartment for acceptance.
  • [Technology]Anti-Corrosion Mil Thickness Tester
    The anti-corrosion coating is simply a layer resistant to mechanical and chemical damage, consisting mainly of three layers. The thickness of each layer has different requirements. The thickness of the coating is generally detected by an anti-corrosion mil thickness tester.
  • [Technology]High Precision Dry Mil Paint Thickness Gauge
    The measurement accuracy of the dry mil paint thickness gauge is affected by factors such as measurement principle, measurement method, curvature and materials used in the instrument. Therefore, high-precision dry mil paint thickness gauges will largely avoid some external factors to improve the accuracy of measurement data.
  • [Technology]Hall Effect Dry Mil Thickness Gauge
    Hall Effect dry mil thickness gauges use the potential difference between the conductor and the magnetic induction line to detect the thickness of the coating. The Magna-Mike 8600 and Linshang LS220 are high accuracy Hall Effect dry mil thickness gauges in the industry.
  • [Technology]Dry Film Thickness Gauge Brands_Supplier_Model_Parameters
    The article introduces the principle, brand, supplier, model, parameters, characteristics and related national standards of the dry film thickness gauge. I hope that these contents will help you when purchasing a dry film thickness gauge.
  • [Technology]Paint Meter For Cars
    Automotive paint meters are used more and more in the automotive industry. It is mainly used to detect the thickness of used car paint film and to determine whether the car has been repainted or not.
  • [Technology] How does A Paint Thickness Gauge Work and its Classification
    Paint thickness gauge can be divided into magnetic thickness measurement method, ultrasonic thickness measurement method, eddy current thickness measurement method, radiation thickness measurement method and electrolytic thickness measurement method according to the measurement principle. This paper mainly introduces different paint thickness gauges.
  • [Technology]Eddy Current Thickness Gauge Principles and Characteristics
    The eddy current thickness gauge can non-destructively measure the non-conductive coating thickness on non-magnetic metal substrates, such as paint, rubber, etc. We will introduce the principles and characteristics of the eddy current thickness gauges in this article.
  • [Technology]How to Measure Paint Thickness on A Car?
    The thickness of automotive paint film can be measured by a professional car paint meter. This paper will answer in detail how to measure paint thickness on a car according to the setting, zero adjustment and measurement.
  • [Technology]Automotive Paint Thickness Gauge Test Buick GL8
    The thickness of a used Buick GL8 paint surface is tested by Linshang automotive paint thickness gauge. By testing with this gauge, we can analyzed the overall condition of the car.
  • [Technology]Painting Thickness Meter And Its Principle
    Electroplating is a process that can beautify the surface of a material and improve the performance.The principle of the painting thickness meter is magnetic induction, eddy current,fluorescent X-ray,etc.
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