• [Technology]How to Use Auto Paint Thickness Gauge Accurately?
    How to use auto paint thickness gaugeaccurately? This matter may bother a lot of people. Today , we will introduce how to use the Linshang LS220B auto paint thickness gauge.
  • [Technology]Can We Use Auto Paint Meter Test Plastic Bumper?
    There are different brands of auto paint meters on the market, but most auto paint meters are measured with Fe (with iron basis) and Fe (with non-ferrous basis). So far there is no auto paint meter whose substrate is plastic.
  • [Technology] Evaluate the Used Car With Automotive Paint Thickness Gauge
    Car roof paint thickness is usually regarded as a reference if we want to know whether the car door has been replaced or not. Today we use the Linshang LS220 automotive paint thickness gauge to show you how to use this instrument to judge whether the door has been replaced.
  • [Technology]How to judge the sheet metal or paint with the paint thickness gauge?
    The paint thickness gauge, also known as the coating thickness gauge, is a tool specifically designed to detect automotive paint coatings.
  • [Technology]How to Use Automotive Paint Meter?
    How to Use Automotive Paint Meter to test the used car paint thickness? Today, we will introduce the operation method of automotive paint meter.
  • [Technology]Comparison Between Auto Paint Meters of Different Brands
  • [Technology]How to Use Bluetooth paint thickness gauge
    Today we will take the LS220B Bluetooth paint thickness gauge as an example to show you how to use the Bluetooth paint thickness gauge to measure the paint thickness of the all-aluminum car body.
  • [Technology]Paint Gage Meter For Used car
    The paint gage meter that used car appraisers from Melon use is Linshang paint gage meter. This LS220 paint gage meter is especially suitable for the thickness measurement of automotive paint thickness. Moreover, the instrument has simple operation and fast measurement.
  • [Technology]Best Car Paint Thickness Tester For Sales
    When we use the car paint thickness tester, the instrument sometimes appears Fe and sometimes appears NFe. This is mainly because the instrument tests non-metallic substrate, or it is a combination of non-ferromagnetic and ferromagnetic materials.
  • [Technology]Factors Affecting the Data of the Paint Mil Gauge
    Why is the measurement data of the paint mil gauge inaccurate? This article will mainly introduce the factors affecting the data of the coating thickness gauge.
  • [Technology]How to Use the Digital Mil Gauge?
    Different digital mil gauges on the market have different operation methods. Today, we will introduce the operation method of the digital mil gauge.
  • [Technology]How To Choose Paint Coating Thickness Gauge Meter?
    How to choose a fireproof and anti-corrosion paint coating thickness gauge meter? For a high performance paint coating thickness gauge meter, functions such as wide range, high accuracy, temperature compensation are indispensable.
  • [Technology]How To Use Paint Gauge Meter?
    For different brands, paint gauge meters are used differently. Today, now we will introduce the operation method of LS221 paint gauge meter.
  • [Technology]How To Change Units of Film Thickness Meter?
    Long press the film thickness meter in the off state, the following interfaces will be displayed: SETUP: Fe, NFe, Fe/NFe, Language, Unit. Select μm to measure the object directly in μm units.
  • [Technology]Plating Thickness Measurement Equipment Features
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