• [Cases]Exclude Sheet Metal Repair by Used Car Paint Thickness Gauge
    The paint thickness gauge is the most commonly used instrument in the hands of used car appraisers.
  • [Cases]How to measure the thickness of the solar film
    The Linshang mil thickness gauge LS220 can be used to test the thickness of the solar film. In testing, the metric unit μm can be switched to the British unit mil.
  • [Products]LS225+F500 Coating Thickness Gauge
  • [Cases]How to Measure Coating Thickness?
    The Linshang coating thickness gauge is basically easy to operate with high precision, fast response, and good stability according to the customers’ feedback.
  • [Cases]How to Choose the Right Mil Gage?
    The mil gage independently developed by Linshang Technology is a dual-purpose mil gage for iron and aluminum.
  • [Products]LS230 OLED Car Paint Meter
    1. New OLED car paint meter 2. Use in -40℃ environment 3. Test car paint thickness 4. Fast measurement, 0.5s measuring interval
  • [Products]LS232 OLED Car Paint Meter
    1. Use in -40℃ environment 2. Dual OLED screen 3. Small size and easy to carry 4. Fast measurement in 0.5s
  • [Cases]How to Use Material Thickness Gauge?
    Common small-range material thickness gauges are used to test the thickness of coatings on metal substrates such as paints, inks, and films. A large range of material thickness gauges can also test ceramic, glass, plastic and other sheet thicknesses.
  • [Products]LS233 Automotive Paint Meter (Dual screen)
    <p><strong>Dual screen</strong> of OLED and LCD</p><p>Ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrate</p><p>Normal use at -40℃</p><p><strong>Car paint thickness</strong> measurement</p>
  • [Cases]Car Paint Meter LS220B Test JEEP Paint Thickness
    The article describes the whole process of testing a second-hand JEEP car with a car paint meter. The car paint meter can help second-hand car dealers find the repair position of the car paint and judge the repair degree.
  • [Cases]Automotive Paint Thickness Gauge Test Buick GL8
    The thickness of a used Buick GL8 paint surface is tested by Linshang automotive paint thickness gauge. By testing with this gauge, we can analyzed the overall condition of the car.
  • [Cases]Automotive Paint Thickness Gauge Test Lexus ES250
  • [Cases]Auto Paint Thickness Gauge Test Citroen DS paint
    The article mainly uses the auto paint thickness gauge to test Citroen DS.We can know how to use the auto paint thickness gauge to measure the car paint thickness.After knowing the car paint thickness,we can compare the data and find which part has been repainted.
  • [Cases]Paint Thickness Meter Test Toyota Crown
    This article introduces how to use the paint thickness meter to test the Toyota crown paint thickness.We can determine which parts of the car have been hit by the measurement data.Therefore,we can know whether there is any safety risks inside the car.
  • [Cases]Car Paint Thickness Gauge Test Ford Mustang
    The shape design of the Ford Mustang is quite cool,so it is very popular among young friends.This article analyzes the data of the Ford Mustang paint thickness with a car paint thickness gauge to analyze the overall situation of the car.
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