Why Does LS126C UV Light Tester Has No Data?

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The Linshang LS126C UV light tester is mainly used to measure UVC band ultraviolet light from 230nm to 280nm with a peak wavelength of 254nm. Mainly used in sterilization. A few days ago, some customers reported that our LS126C UV light tester has no test data when measuring germicidal lamp. It is impossible if the UV light tester is not broken down. Therefore, when there is no data in the measurement of the UV light tester, it should be considered from the following aspects:
     1.The purchase time of the UV light tester. If it is an instrument purchased very early, this may be caused by a malfunction of the instrument or other reasons. You can consider sending the instrument back to the original UV light tester supplier for maintenance.
     2. If your UV light tester is a new instrument, the instrument cannot be caused by a malfunction. Because Linshang UV light testers are rigorously tested before delivering. This may be due to improper operation, you can follow the prompts below.

  1. Make sure that the receiving hole of the probe is facing the light source or shorten the distance between the lamp and the instrument.

  2. t can be tested in outdoor sunlight (the sun contains various bands of ultraviolet light) to confirm whether there is data. If there is data, the instrument is no problem.

  3. Check whether the UV lamp is covered with a film. In order to protect the UV lamp, some UV lamp manufacturers will coat a film when the UV lamp is packaged. This film will affect the measurement of the UV light tester.

  4. Since our UV light tester measures ultraviolet light in the 230nm-280nm band, you need to confirm whether your lamp is 253.7nm.

LS126C UV light tester

If there is no test data, when using Linshang UV light tester. You can check the problems from the above demonstrations. The service of Linshang Technology has always been quite good in the industry. After you purchase our products, you can contact our after-sales service personnel in time. We will solve the problem for you in time.



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