• [Products]LS110 Light Transmittance Meter
    1.Specially used to test the visible light transmittance of the wind shield of the car 2.Visible light wavelength: 380nm-760nm, ANSI/ISO visual standard 3.Two laser for two part alignment, more accuracy. 4.The built-in lithium rechargeable battery is easy for using without replacing the battery.
  • [Products]LS116 Light Transmittance Meter
    1.This meter is self-contained light sources and self -calibration. 2.Visible light wavelength: 380nm-760nm ( Full Weighted Spectrum) 3.With a parallel optical design, visual function compensation 4.Suitable for glass, film, organic materials and other transparent materials' transmittance detection
  • [News]The Operation Method of Car Window Tint Tester
    LS110 Car Window Tint Tester is mainly used for automobile testing station, DMV, the instrument has simple operation, accurate measurement data, data locking function and convenient reading process.
  • [Cases] How to test the smoke transmittance?
  • [News]Linshang Technology at China Glass 2019 Exhibition
    From May 22 to 25, 2019, the 30th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2019) will be exhibited in Beijing. Linshang Technology will participate in the exhibition as a manufacturer of glass testers.
  • [Technology]Difference between LS116 and LS117 Light Transmittance Meter
    Linshang has two light transmittance meters can be used to test the visible light transmittance. Actually there are not much difference between their appearance and parameters , but if the customer need to select a suitable instrument to test the light transmittance , firstly they need to know the material of the object being measured.
  • [Products]LS152 Vacuum Coating Thickness Measuring System
    1.Provides dual RS485communication interface, the standard MODBUS communication protocol,convenient for communications with PLC, human-machine interface and computer. 2.Can be customized according to customer's demand
  • [News]Aifake Order Vacuum Coating Thickness Measuring System
    Aifake has been ordering non-contact vacuum coating thickness measuring systems produced by Linshang Technology since 2017. Recently, two non-contact vacuum coating thickness measuring systems have been ordered again.
  • [Cases]Transmittance Measurement of Plastic PC
    The transmittance of transparent PC, black PC or matte PC can be measured with LS117 densitometer.
  • [News]Saled Again! Vacuum Coating Thickness Measuring System
    Linshang non-contact vacuum coating thickness measuring system, as a device that can inspect the thickness uniformity of films online, is widely used in the vacuum coating industry. Recently, another non-contact vacuum coating thickness measuring system was successfully completed and sent to Xiamen Yutong Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.
  • [Cases]How to Test the Transmittance of LCD with Transmission Meter Linshang?
    ​The higher the transmittance of the LCD screen in the LCD projector, the higher the display brightness of the LCD. There are many factors that affect the transmittance of the LCD screen. How do we test the transmittance of the LCD screen of the projector with transmission meter Linshang?
  • [Cases]Online Light Transmittance Meter Sold Again!
    Online light transmittance meter is mainly used for on-line monitoring of roll coating thickness.Many successful companies such as Lanzhou Vacuum and Aifike Group have chosen this product,which is believed to be trustworthy.
  • [Technology]Measurement of optical density
    We can know the uniformity of the aluminized film by testing the optical density with Linshang LS 117 optical density meter.
  • [Technology]Linshang Insulated Glass Unit Measuring Tools
    There are a variety of insulated glass unit measuring tools in Linshang. The two most common instruments are digital glass thickness gauges and light transmittance meters.
  • [Technology]Ultra Clear Glass Advantages and VLT Measurement
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